Dog Days of Summer are almost here.

by phyllis



The Dog Days of Summer are Upon Us

However, we are staying cool, calm and collected as we look forward to the fall seson and some of the yarns that we know are comng - some, in fact, are here already.  Come on by and check them out, along with all the new magazines and books that have started to come in for fall.  While you're here,   be sure to also check out our sale table - it's grown much smaller but it's stil 40% off and the cotton colors are perfect for late summer knitting. Talking "Dog Days", please be sure to keep an eye out for our August Windows.  We are featuring our favorite Knitty City pets.  If you have an interesting or fun picture of your best animal friend, please send it to  You just might see your favorite animal  pal in our front window, or up on our Facebook Page, or, at the very least, right here on our blog!

On going Events

Bryant Park Knits - We could not be more pleased with how well the knitting classes in Bryant Park have gone.  We have made many new friends and to accommodate them and others who may wish to learn (or just stop by to knit with us), we will keep on going through August 28th.    If you or anyone you know is interested in these classes, please contact us directly at 212.787.5896 or just drop by Bryant Park any Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-3:00 PM. 

Vogue Knitting @ Knitty City

Please mark your calendar for August 29th, when Vogue Knitting Editors will be at the store, from 6-8 PM.  They will be  presenting  their thoughts on new fall trends along with a trunk show from the Fall Issue.  . Be sure to come by and meet the people who put together the most fashion forward knitting magazine in the knitting world.

(As seen in Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2012)

Looking Forward!

Fall normally starts with  crazy schedule demands, so we want to let you know about some upcoming events so you can mark your calendars, now! 

Nicky Epstein @ Knitty City
Thursday, September 6, 2012, 6-8 PM

Book Signing & Meet 'n Greet


Melissa Leapman @ Knitty City

Melissa Leapman Class*
Saturday, September l5, 2012
11-2 PM (3 hours)
Fee:  $65.00
Fully-Fashioned & Fabulous!

It’s all in the details!  Explore fun and easy ways to work
garment shapings with style and finesse. Discover
designer tricks which use full-fashion techniques
with figure-flattering results!
Note:  Check at sign up for info on homework and supplies.

*To accommodate the large group we know will be interested, we will hold the class at the        St. Agnes Public Library at 81st and Amsterdam, 3rd Floor Large Room. 
The class  will be followed with a signing for her newest book
back at the store 

Next Up @ Knitty City:

Coming In August

New Staff Picks Including Our Favorite Five Patterns for Fall

Check back next week on August's Yarn of the Month

New Yarns for Fall

Fall Books

Before we Sign off, One last Thing!

Congratulations to one of Knitty City's treasured friends & designer/teachers, Lisa Daehlin whose gorgeous lace design is featured on the cover of Vogue Knitting's Early Fall Issue:

Congratulations, Lisa, on this well deserved honor  along with your recent graduation from Columbia Teacher's College!














HURRAY, HURRAY - it's May!

by phyllis




Spring & Summertime Projects at Knitty City

In the "olden days"  the owners of the popular yarn shops would call the spring and summer months the "slow season".  Well, no more.  Thanks to  versatile yarns, a variety of weights and  projects now available in multiple formats,  knitting and crochet are year-round. Witness these new magazines just in!  We had to order Vogue Crochet twice so far - it's fairly flying out the door and their Spring Summer Issue offers some of the lovliest shawl and summer weight knits we've seen in a long while....and the other day,  Interweave's Summer issue glided in over the transom. You just might want to start planning your take-along projects - but come on in soon - everyone has the same idea, it seems


May  Profile


Susan Haviland

We have known Susan Haviland for quite some time now - and the same can be said by many of the top yarn companies and magazines as well as most of NY's experienced knitters.    Susan is one of the most proficient and admired kntting  and crochet teachers and designers in NYC.  Susan has been knitting for most of her adult life - a skill she picked up while still in college at Sarah Lawrence, where she majored in Theatre and English Literature.  In a marvelously synchronized way,  her love of  these subjects dovetailed with her needlecraft skill and resulted in more than one talent.  In addition to acting for over 12 years in off Broadway productions, she also had an interest in and appreciation for theatrical costuming - a skill that lent itself nicely to her interest in textiles and fabric construction for the body. 

In her early years in Manhattan, she led the typical "struggling young actress" life -- starting out in the East Village with multiple roommates and multiple jobs..  As a  founding member of an acting troupe, her work directing dance and theater productions  enabled her to understand how the body works and how design must accommodate freedom and expression in movement.  Like many artists, she found the financing  of her career to be a huge challenge, and for awhile worked "full time" for a hedge fund - for very practical reasons.  During that intense period of her life, she began furious knitting (her words) as a means of self-expression and for the meditative benefit  that so many of us  love.  

In due time and after enough exposure to the pace of the financial world, Susan acted on her desire  to return to her original fascination with design. Thus, a new chapter in her career opened when she went to work at the Knit Resource Center, a knitting company that serves the garment industry..  It was there that she developed knit  samples for well known 7th Ave. designers, an invaluable experience.  Simultaneously, she  began to teach  at FIT and The Museum of Folk Art  and became  one of the founding members of the Big Apple Knitting Guild and  created  designs for popular knitting magaines, including Vogue Knitting.  Most recently, in addition to  her on-going design work, she was working, part-time, at Knitty City where we were proud to have her as a teacher. 

Susan  cites  teaching  as one of her major enjoyments, saying that the variety of students and the encouragement of talent has been enormously satisfying.  As any one of her students is usually quick to say, Susan is one of the best needlework teachers in New York. She has  kept her hand in the design and fashion world, and has recently returned to full time employment  with the prestigious Oscar de la Renta design studio, where she is  working directiy with knitwear designers in the creation of knit fabrics and garments.   

Due to her magnanimous personality and capabilities , Susan has touched many lives in NY..  We were sorry to see her leave Knitty City but thrilled that she iis working with one of the best designers in the industry.  We see it as a win/win since Oscar's design firm is  getting one of the best, too.  (Fyi:  She's promised to come back  to  visit and teach -  we'll let you know when.)


Beautiful New  Yarn

 Linea Pura Cash Silk

A unique blend containing  cashmere, silk and bamboo, this new yarn from Lana Grossa, is sure to knit up like a gentle dream.  Suggested needle size is 8-10 which means it will fly and so will your imagination when you touch it.  We currently have it in stock in red, grey (see above), and white.  More colors due in soon.


Yarn of the Month@Knitty City

All ArtYarns are on sale for the month of May at 10% off.


Specail Promotion of the Month@Knitty City

Bags & Purses (exception: Blue Q & Walker) are 25% off


Incredible New Book@Knitty City

Knitters of all skill levels will love the projects and inspiration talented Nordic knitter Britt Marie Christofferson  presents in the aesthetic masterpiece,  Pop Knitting.  This incredible book  will have the most advanced knitters eager to experiment.

Bright color dominates throughout, making simple patterns stand out. Discover vibrant color, in-depth instruction, and artful inspiration that have ruled Christoffersson’s work and life. We have already ordered this book twice, after watching it it sell out as soon as it came in the first time..  Don't hesitate if you don't wish to wait til we order it a third time.  

Fun Things to do @ Knitty City


Knitty City is hosting a KNIT-A-LONG involving any one of the wonderful shawl creations of Veera Valimaki.  Come to the store on Thursday evenings in May and  join in by knitting one of Vera's beautiful shawls. You can find examples of her work and shawls here:    At the end of May, we will host a party so that everyone can share and show-off their FO's.


Dates to Remember 

Knit In Public Day on June 10
Join Us and your fellow NYC knitters for an afternoon of yarn celebration.
All levels of knitters and/or crocheters are welcome! Come & bring your knitting.
Beginners can learn!
Hours: 2 – 4:30pm
Bryant Park @ 6th Ave. & 41st St
Event will kick off our free lessons in Bryant Park, beginning June19
Presented & supported by Knitty City, the Big Apple Knitters Guild, the NYC Crochet Guild, and Harlem Needle Arts

Tuesdays, 1:30pm – 3:00pm June 19th through August 28th
Meet opposite the Bryant Park Grill. Yarn and needles provided for use on site only.
Please call 212.787.5896 to reserve a spot - or take a chance and drop by...
Please note: Classes held  weather permitting
May Workshops@Knitty City

Miter square techniques with Diane
Wed., May 16, 6-7P
Fee: $30.00

Learn to Make Cables with Susie
Tues., May 15, 1:30-2:30 PM
Fee: $35.00

Bead Crochet a Necklace with Dana
Wed., May 23, 4-6 PM
Fee $60.00
-Includes a $40 kit
Learn to Block  with Nancy
Thurs., May 24,, 6-7 PM
Fee: $30.00

Slip Stitch Workshop with Maxine

Sat, May 26, 12-2 PM

Fee:  $30.00

      Crochet Granny Squares with Amanda
Thurs. May 31, 6-7 PM
Fee: $30.00

Please Don't Forget:

Knitty City will be closed on Mother's Day, May 13 and on Memorial Day, May 28.







May is Just around the corner.....

by phyllis


Mother's Day is May 13th
Before we launch into letting you know about what's happening at the store,  we thought we'd help you get a jump start on Mother's Day Shopping by giving you a few ideas.  This way, if you care to drop a hint or need to keep a list of your own, you're all set.
Ideas for Neat Mother's Day Gifts
(to see  pictures of our suggestions, you'll also find these  ideas on the April 16 newsletter)     
1.  Chic-A Bags - Various Sizes & Styles
    2.  Sol Mate Socks - Already made up for you
3.  A Tote Bag - Blue Q, Walker, Quote Totes,etc.
4.  Loreley Scarf Kit  or Sock Kit - Koigu Yarn Included
5.  A Classic Book - Barbara Walker', Ann Budd, Vogue Knitting
(Ask a KC Associate for some good recommendations in this category)
Always the perfect Idea:  A Knitty City Gift Card
As promised, we're continuing to focus on some of the iteresting (and talented) people who work in or frequent, our store.  Here's a snapshot of one of our regulars that we thought you might like to know a little better.
June Hariprashad
June learned to knit early on, thanks to a 6th Grade teacher, but she passed on the knitting for a while - her mom was a crocheter and she was not influenced by either at the time.  She was, however, intereted in the sciences.  (For what it's worth: The intrigue of fiber art is often  a common interest among scientists and mathemticians - as well as writers.) 
After graduating from Bryn Mawr with a degree in Biology, June  ultimately became a Sr. Research Staff Associate at Cornell Hospital's Invitro Program.  Her work is demanding and requires sequential days and long hours, so time off is precious.  A big part of that free time is devoted to   countering the effects of an intense professional life and that's where knitting comes in.  In 2006, a friend and colleague, reintroduced her to it as an antidote to stress.    June picked up her needles and proceeded to embrace it as an art form as well as for its soothing effects.    It's a  fascinating corollary to her work that, in big part, many of June's projects involve   creating miniature knits --  ones with the most exacting details.  Here are a few examples of some of her work from the past 6 years:

See that Heart Ornament on the left?  June submitted to in a Valentine Day Contest that Interweave was running in Piecework Magazine and won an Honorable Mention award for it.  We're especially smitten with the KC Project bag,on the right.  It's slightly felted and captures our colors exactly.  From time to time, you will see June's work exhibited in our front window.  She's graciously allowed us to use her miniatures as props and a few years back, she contributed more than one gorgeous felted Apple to the Second NYC Yarn Crawl.  Take a look at these beautites:                                         


                                                          Grey Heart Apple  Fair Isle Apple Fall Apple

June graciously credits Knitty City for feeling like a "home away from home".  She says the friends she has made there and the sense of community have gone a long way toward fostering her growth as a knitter and her inspirations as a designer.  For our part, we are proud to count her as a well loved customer and  a part of our world. 



Book Signing & Trunk Show with Designer Iris Schreier
Thurs., May 3, 2012, 6:00-8:00 PM

Come to Ravelry Night and Meet Iris Schrieier, owner of Art Yarns.  She'll be presenting a trunk show, comprised of the beautiful creations in her latest book:
"One + One: Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs: 25+ Projects from Just Two Skeins.  Iris will show you  how just two skeins of her luxurious yarns can create one beautiful work of art.


In honor of Iris's new book and the  Art Yarns brand, we are offering 25% off on Art Yarns yarns on May 3rd ONLY.  That will apply to all the Art Yarns yarns in store, as well as any special orders for Art Yarns you put in that day.   Iris will be bringing color cards and samples and we urge you to take advantage of this rare promotion for Art Yarns only. 


Beginning this Thursday evening, April 26,  from 6-8 PM, Knitty City is hosting a KNIT-A-LONG, patterned after the Stripes Galore KAL on Ravelry (see  Come to the store on Thursday evenings to join in by knitting one of   Vera Vallmaki's beautiful shawls. You can find examples of her work and shawls here:                             At the end of May, we will host a party so that everyone can share and show-off their FO's.  (Please note:  No meeting will happen on May 3rd since we will be hosting Iris Schreier that evening.) 

Don't Forget to Check the Calendar

We have a number of workshops going on all week, including sock techniques, reading crochet charts and knitting flowers.  Be sure to check the Calendar for more information. 


Coming Soon!

  June 2.

Shirley Paden Casts On at Knitty City


Shirley Paden, one of the most respected and gifted teachers in our world, is going to be giving a class on cast-on techniques on June 2.  The class will last about 4 hours. Shirley can only take the first 15 students.  If you're interested and want to be placed on the list, give Pearl or Zach a call at the store (212.724,9596).  We'll be back with all the details (time, cost and place) on our upcoming newsletter and blogs.

Come Knit in Public With Us



So far, the following groups will be participating:  Big Apple Knitter's Guild, The NYC Crochet Guild and The Seaman's Institute.  We're approaching other fiber related not-for-profit groups in the area so  if you have any suggestions please let us know.

All levels of knitters or crocheters are welcome!

Come & bring your knitting.
Beginners can learn!
Hours: 2 – 4:30pm
Bryant Park @ 6th Ave. & 41st St
Event will kick off our free lessons in Bryant Park, beginning June19


Tuesdays, 1:30pm – 3:00pm June 19th through August 28th
Meet opposite the Bryant Park Grill. Yarn and needles provided
Please call 212.787.5896 to reserve a spot. (or take a chance and drop by...)
Classes weather permitting


10% Off on all yarns of this brand

April's Knitting Book of the Month for April
10% off


May Sale @ Knitty City

25% off on all bags in stock

(does not include Walker or Blue Q Totes)


Just In

Madeline Tosh DK Merino - a New Shipment! 

Tosh Merino DK is a single-ply, 100% superwash merino wool, available in many  luscious glazed solid colorways. With a generous 225 yards per skein, each squishy soft skein is hand-dyed in small dye lots and machine washable. (Colors shown do not represent what is in stock.  For that, you have to come on in.)



"Bat-her Up"

Knitty City's Fire Stix Team

 Our  Sponsored Girls's Softball Team began their season on April l4, at the 79th St. Boat Basin Ball Field.We'll keep you up to date on how they are doing and confirm our  reception at the store just as soon as we have checked with the team manager. 


Stitch   'n Pitch Time:
We are taking pre-orders for Stitch n Pitch 2012 tickets!  Call 212-787-5896 with name & number needed by May 23
Tickets: $22.00 (reg.$28.00)
Sun.June 3: Mets. vs. St. Louis @2PM.
Marketplace at Game this year!


Goings On in NYC

We live in the best city in the world, and one of the reasons it is so is because of the various cultural offerings that are available.  Knitty City is a big supporter of the arts, so from time to time, we post things on this site that we think might be of interest.  Here's one that just popped in over the transom:  



170 CPW (AT 77 TH ST.)

for further information, see:


We like to leave you with some iinspiration, so we've been asking  our creative staff members if they can let us know what they're currently working on.  Susie Dippel has contributed the following "On the Needles" recommendation: 

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (TML)
It's superwash, the colors shine & glisten & it's a terrific value for a single ply fingering weight yarn. Imagine a shawl for less than $40.  TML earns these kudos from me due to its versatility. Elbow length gloves, crocheted cardigans and knitted sweaters, are among the items customers have shown us. I've used TML twice 1- the Serena Shawl (pattern from Fairmont Fibers) and Sophie the Bunny (by Ysolda Teague).  

Well, that's it for the moment.  We'll be back soon with more news.  Please look for our newsletter, which also comes out twice a month.  If you're not signed up for it, you can do so by emailing Zach ( and asking to be put on our mail list.




April Bunnies Display Contest

by Zac

Inspired by Anna Hrachovec, the bunny wranglerKnitty City will be holding our own bunny contest.  Knit, crochet, or felt your own bunny(s) or bunny diorama to be displayed in the Knitty City window for all of April. (Click on headline)

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Designing Women

by phyllis


Knitty City is known for its accommodating and creative staff, and this month we are profiling two of our members who are adept and talented designers and who,  coincidentally, have also designed  a few workshops for us.  Meet Dana Freed and Nancy Ricci:


(click on the title to go to the blog)

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